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Hot Russian Brides

Hot Russian Brides

You don’t need to take a vacation, buy a plane ticket and pack your suitcase to meet Russian women. Dating sites focused on Russia would smooth things down for you. They can help you find a life partner with an open Russian soul. It only takes your desire. 

Russian bride: a dream that’s a couple of clicks away

Dating sites have become worthy successors of traditional marriage agencies. Instead of the long mail correspondence that can last for months and even years, online matchmakers arrange dates of lovers in just a few clicks.

Besides, they can select a partner who would suit you perfectly. A dating site will check thousands of profiles following criteria specified by you. Then it will screen out unsuitable candidates and show you potentially interesting profiles. 

You’ll only have to choose the most attractive candidate on a Russian mail order bride agency and send her a message. You don’t need to invent the wheel - there are many playful greetings in Google, just take it and use it!

Why are Russian women so beautiful?

The residents of Eastern Europe are extremely popular on dating sites. Russian women are beautiful, feminine and sensual, they enjoy the greatest success. These ladies can be divided into two groups.

A typical Russian beauty

Most often, this standard of female beauty is found in rural areas. There are all signs of physical health in the appearance of its representatives. They have a solid build, high breasts, plump legs with strong hips, white and ruddy face (they call it “milk and roses”), long blond braids reaching their feet, and pearl teeth. This lady walks like a swimming swan, she holds her head high and her figure straight. 

Russian brides are true to traditional values, that’s why she undertakes everything - household chores, family budget, her husband and her children. She’s true to her word, and you can rely upon her as on yourself. When making a deal with her, you should know that she will fulfil all her duties. She would never leave you out in the cold and she’s used to take full responsibility. She’s reliable, and you want to be with her. This is a perfect Russian woman for marriage.

You can’t but be amazed by her energy of spirit and largesse. She’s a real queen in her wonderful evening dress, though she’s available, affectionate and pliable in real life. Such a  woman don’t hold her emotions inside, and they run high. She holds her sides with laughter, she sobs her socks off, she hates her enemies furiously and loves her man passionately. 

Varangian princess

The main characteristics of this type are the fragility of forms, elegance, grace and good taste. The Scandinavian appearance of this Vikings’ goddess is a reflection of Swedish or Baltic genes. You may easily recognize her by her long legs, high cheekbones, blue eyes, mane if ashen hair, and a bit swollen lips. 

Poets call these ladies muses of the rainy and snowy parks. Having a Nordic temper, these Russian women stand aback from the others. She would find herself in a modelling business, she’s not afraid of arthouse photo shootings, likes travelling and appears on the covers of the brand magazines. She has the inexhaustible supply of charm and sexuality that makes men fall in love with her to a state of madness and commit all sorts of follies for her.  

There’s something common for these two types of beautiful Russian ladies, and it’s integrity and unity of external and inner beauty. While representatives of the fair sex from the Western countries try to seem strong, Russian women are sensitive and open. That’s the main secret of their attractiveness. They are not afraid of being ladies, and they perform the roles of mothers and wives with pleasure.  

What brings hot Russian brides to international dating sites?

There are not so many men in modern Russia. According to statistics, there are 10 million more women than men in this country, and ladies have to withstand tough competition with their rivals. That’s why Russian women attach so much importance to their appearance - hairstyle, makeup, tight clothes, manicure, perfumes and high heels.

However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their education and career, just the other way about. Many cute Russian girls study at universities and undertake an internship abroad, but family, husband and children are on the front burner for them. They understand that an international dating site would give them more guarantees for a successful marriage. These women hope to find a reliable life partner here. He should be business-minded, responsible and family-oriented. Most Russian men just don’t have all these traits.

But Russian brides don’t dream only of family hearth and dependence on a man. It’s a stereotype. Western men shouldn’t underestimate the strength of mind of a Russian woman and her desire for independence. However, she wouldn’t accept radical feminism. 

Tips for men who are looking for Ru brides 

It’s sometimes difficult to determine the security of a dating site. Many such companies have headquarters in Eastern Europe or in the USA. Some providers post ads and quality marks on their sites, but still, it doesn’t guarantee the seriousness of a dating agency.

Remember - a certified site offers its customers security during transferring of money and data. Therefore, you should follow these tips when choosing a dating service focused on Russia:  

  1. Check whether the site offers meet your intentions. 

  2. The platform with photos of Russian mail order brides in sexy poses and lingerie is hardly suitable for finding a partner for life. 

  3. Carefully read the security terms of the chosen portal.  

  4. Analyze the prices for paid services like emails, SMS, chat, etc. The pricing system should be transparent and understandable. Beware of free offers. 

  5. Pay attention to the quality and relevance of personals. Serious dating agencies check the profiles before activation and delete inactive users. 

  6. Find out if this portal with Russian brides provides online meetings with real women or just uses the nice-looking models as baits. 

  7. Try to learn more about the woman at the first contact, specify the most important issues. You should be alerted if your bride shows the following features - complete illiteracy, request for money in the second message already, evasive answers to questions and periodic disappearances.


Try to find out as much information about your new female friend as possible and don’t make spontaneous decisions. It’s desirable to learn the Russian language, then there will be fewer misunderstandings. You’ll always be sure that you interpret all the sayings of your Russian girl correctly.  

Cultural differences play a significant role in international relationships. You should understand that Russian women look at many things in some other way. They have their own body language, manners, styles of clothing, etc. First of all, you have to look for similarities. It will help overcome difference in opinions and facilitate communication.


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